Top Game BJJ Testimonials

Ive been training at Top Game since March 2011 and love it! As a small business owner and single mom of 3, Jiu Jitsu has become a means of healthy escape, and Top Game is the safe environment in which I can train and improve myself. Chris Mahan instructs with a genuine passion for the art of Brazilian JiuJitsu. Alongside his spirit of humility, he has extensive knowlede, experience, and technique which enable him to effectively train his students. The time he invests into us is no joke. The kids program that he teaches consists of instruction in technique and incorporates games and drills, as well as supervised rounds of sparring. My kids have been training since Oct. 2011 and love it as much as I do!

Jenny Olsen

Whether your goal is to get in shape, learn self defense, or compete at the highest levels of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, you will find the instruction and training partners at Top Game Academy.  Chris is an outstanding instructor who makes even the most complex moves seem simple and easy to remember.  Being affiliated with a world-class instructor like Gustavo Machado, whose academy is only two hours away, allows easy access to one of the highest ranking black belts in Virginia.

Aaron Barr

Marketing Director

I’ve been a student at Top Game for 13 months.  I’ve participated in seminars, competed in two tournaments, doing well in both, and dropped about 20lbs.  Competing and doing well in those matches was due in large part to Chris and other guys like Brad, Dave and Chuck.  Those guys and everybody at the gym use their experience from years of training to help improve my BJJ game.  They use the same experience to tap me out with a smile.

Top Game is a great school.  First, Chris is a great leader.  And he’s put the right kind of people around him to sustain a balanced environment of learning and competition.  Second, I haven’t been to other gyms, but I can’t imagine that black belts, brown belts, and purple belts at other schools spend as time much teaching and re-teaching and re-teaching skills and techniques to lowly white and blue belts.  Third, the training is second to none.  We train hard every day.  We push each other to be better.  Finally, BJJ is an intricate art so questions are inevitable.  Every single time I’ve had a question, not a single time in 13 months have my questions not be answered by 1, 2, or 4 people.

For me, Top Game is the ideal training environment.  Good instruction, good people, and good competition.  I quickly recognized how extra ordinary the gym and the people were when I walked in a year ago, and it’s only gotten better.  Top Game makes training easy.

Mike Braggs


Tired of faceless gyms and endless mind numbing hours on the tread mill and an interest/fascination with the martial arts, I decided to give Top Game a try.  Upon meeting Chris and speaking to him about the program and the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu I knew this was where I wanted to be.  Not only is it a great work out but you get to learn techniques and philosophies that help you in everyday life.  Everyone at Top Game, even the advanced (higher ranking) members are interested in helping everyone improve and elevate their game.  There is a camaraderie that exists between members that creates a great atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome.  Chris is one of the nicest most patient instructors you could ever meet, if you have a question about anything simply ask and he always makes one on one time to go over a move or technique that may be giving you trouble!!  I enjoyed the BJJ program so much I signed up for the Thai Boxing class as well and it is just as satisfying and rewarding as the BJJ program!!

Once the kids program was introduced my son decided he wanted to go as well.  He has absolutely fallen in love with training at Top Game and never wants to miss a class, even during football season!!!!  Chuck and Chris do a great job not only teaching kids the techniques and moves for BJJ but sportsmanship and proper attitude as well.  I have noticed a huge boost in my son’s confidence not only in class but in all other aspects of his life as well.  The best part about the kids class is it is something that my son and I now share, we are always talking about it, comparing notes, and “rolling” with each other at home and in the academy to practice.

Top Game and Chris Mahan have not only helped me get in better shape and lose weight but it has helped me build a love and appreciation for the art of Brazilian Jiu- jitsu!!!!  I would recommend Top Game Academy to anyone who is interested in a great fitness/workout program as well as anyone interested in studying the martial arts!

Casey Thomas


My children and I have trained at 4 different martial arts schools around Richmond, but have finally found the perfect place to call home. Top Game’s instructors are the best at what they do.  Our children love the teachers and have improved exponentially since starting classes.  They don’t hand out belts for attendance and the kids know they have to earn them.  We noticed a big difference in technical knowledge between our kids and kids from other academies while attending a recent seminar. We attribute that difference to the instruction they are receiving at Top Game.  As an adult, I value my time, and the hour I spend in class seems like 10 minutes when it is over, but it is like 3 hours worth of cardio! If you want to improve your self-confidence and get into ridiculously good shape, I highly recommend the guys at Top Game.  These guys love Jiu- jitsu and do not gouge or require ridiculous contracts for the best classes.

Bernie Stanley

Business Owner

My favorite part of training at Top Game Academy has been the camaraderie that we all share.  Since my first time on the mat, I’ve always felt comfortable and welcome.  It’s great coming to train each day with a group of guys that will push you hard to be your best, but who you can hang out with too.”

Brian Ingle

Marketing Project Manager